Radiation plus chemotherapy may be effective with, without surgery in patients with stage 3A NSCLC

Lunes, 28 de Diciembre de 2009

       HealthDay (7/27, Thompson) reported, "Radiotherapy plus chemotherapy, with or without surgery, works well for people with stage 3A non-small-cell lung cancer [NSCLC]," according to a study published online July 27 in The Lancet. The study included "202 patients who underwent chemotherapy plus radiotherapy followed by surgery," and "194 patients who underwent chemotherapy plus radiotherapy alone, which is the current standard for these patients." Researchers examined "the overall survival rates" for all participants "after five years," finding "no statistically significant difference."

        In fact, "five year survival was 27 percent with surgery and 20 percent without," MedPage Today (7/27, Bankhead) reported. But, the study also showed that "surgical resection was associated with significant improvement in progression-free survival." Meanwhile, in patients who underwent lobectomies, "median overall and five-year survival...was 33.6 months and 36 percent versus 21.7 months and 18 percent without surgery." The researchers found, however, that "median overall survival did not differ significantly" among patients who had pneumonectomies versus no surgery.